Why Perry Capital?

Most financial advisors focus exclusively on what’s going to go right, i.e., the ever-popular “Success Narrative.” Are you confident that you or your advisor has positioned your portfolio to benefit — and not sustain losses — from higher interest rates, rising inflation, and geopolitical gyrations?

Our experts have developed a reliable, strategic process for assessing opportunities and recognizing risk – a probabilistic approach devoid of emotion, characterized by objectivity and analytical agility.

At Perry Capital, Rule No. 1 is “Never lose money,” and Rule No. 2 is “Don’t forget Rule No. 1.”


More about Perry Capital

    • A common refrain we hear from Family Office CIOs is, “Am I getting the value I deserve from the fees my portfolio managers are charging?” And some admit they aren’t even sure how much those fees actually are! Perry Capital can provide high-level oversight of these fund managers and wealth advisors to ensure you’re receiving the value you’re paying for.
    • Additionally, intensifying global macroeconomic gyrations affect every component of your portfolio, making reliable and accurate research, analysis, and strategy more vital than ever.
    • Worldwide disruption from pandemic aftershocks, deflationary banking crises, and, especially, the wide-ranging, long-term consequences of excessive indebtedness continue to dramatically alter the investment landscape, creating new threats and challenging old ways of doing business.
    • Many domestically-focused advisors are simply not equipped to deal with this new environment. So, unfortunately, many investors today are forced to deal with a plethora of imperfect global macroeconomic data surrounded by an often incoherent narrative that is frequently delivered by advisors who are unable to explain what they don’t understand.
    • Fortunately, Perry Capital democratizes access to this complex and often inaccessible information so investors can confidently make proper portfolio adjustments.
    • Perry Capital is a fiercely independent and often contrarian, world-class research, strategy, and investment intelligence and advisory service — a one-of-a-kind resource that provides global macroeconomic intelligence you can’t get anywhere else.
    • Perry Capital will help you protect your wealth; we’ll keep you out of bad trades and protect you from catastrophic losses by making sure you know which components of an investment can hurt you. When you work with us, you will always know where the risk lies.
    • Mr. Perry has been advising institutional clients, professional traders, and ultra-high-net-worth portfolio managers — domestically and internationally — for 30 years on the most complex global macroeconomic and interest-rate issues that few experts genuinely understand.

    • Mr. Perry’s international investment career—which has included postings in NY, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Chicago, and Miami—cultivated a deep understanding of how the interaction and timing of global currency movements, interest rate strategies, and geopolitics can affect market valuations.

    • His knowledge and years of experience allow Perry Capital to offer unique and actionable global macroeconomic insights to domestic investors.

    • Investment valuations are determined by the collective confidence of risk-takers, so understanding what moves global macroeconomic markets becomes a critical factor in maximizing portfolio performance.

    • Central bank interest rate policies are impacting the value of stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities more than ever.

    • Fortunately, Perry Capital’s proprietary structural portfolio asset allocation model can be one of your clearest paths to achieving long-term wealth generation in these uncertain times.

    • Yes, Mr. Perry offers a number of individualized services on an ad hoc basis. These include but are not limited to individual discussions, group conference calls and presentations, as well as informal investment strategy meetings with customers, portfolio managers, and bankers.

    • Additionally, Mr. Perry is available for speaking engagements with investment and portfolio teams at board-level meetings, senior-management forums, and conferences of all types. Basically, any logical venue for in-person presentations and interactive discussions will be considered.

    • If you are interested in these services, contact us using the “Contact” page, or if it is urgent, please feel free to call us. Once we determine the breadth and scope of your needs, we can then structure a relationship that best suits your needs.

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