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Perry International Capital Partners, LLC is an SEC-registered investment firm with offices in Miami and Chicago. Our focus is global macroeconomic research, strategy, portfolio analytics, and asset management.


“Trust, honesty, and integrity are the firm’s guiding values. Uncompromising independence and a healthy skepticism of market narrative drive the analysis, strategy, and portfolio guidance of Perry International Capital Partners.”  — James L. Perry

Founder and CIO James L. Perry

  • Mr. Perry has been advising institutional clients, professional traders, and ultra-high-net-worth portfolio managers — domestically and internationally — for 35 years on the most complex global macroeconomic and interest-rate issues that few experts genuinely understand.

  • Highly successful and internationally recognized global macroeconomic market analyst and bond trader.

  • Senior positions with PGIM and HSBC; postings in New York, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

  • Former managing partner, Arbor Research and Trading in Chicago.

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